Your work in network marketing is bigger, tougher, riskier, and more uncomfortable than any ordinary job.
In fact, you may not even call it a job. That would cut it short. Network marketing is a passion. It carries its own energy. It ignites change. But it takes work.

What makes the best earners in your business so successful? One thing.
The best and most successful distributors in this industry have a common factor that makes what they do daily really work to expand their business and make them top income earners. What is it?

It’s a three-step formula that leadership and personal growth expert John C. Maxwell wants to share with you.

John is teaming up with network marketing leader Brian McClure to bring you this formula that will maximize growth in your business and keep you on the edge of the industry.

This 55-minute, complimentary online event is only available ONCE this year. This is your only chance to hear from John C. Maxwell and Brian McClure. So register now to save your seat before they’re gone and be ready to join us for this limited-time event.

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“Bobby Kennedy once said, ‘Some people see things as they are and ask why. Other people see things as they could be and ask why not.’ That’s the Curiosity Edge.”

—John C. Maxwell,
Leadership and Personal Growth Expert


55 minutes of exclusive teaching
from John C. Maxwell.

Practical application to take directly into your Ambit Energy business.

A simple, three-step formula for unlocking the keys to generating consistent and maximized results in your life and work.

Immediate takeaways for instant action and long-term growth.


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FREE online event.


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See extreme growth and real
results impact your business.

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