Leadership Works

(It Got You This Far, Right?)

Even after writing over 100 books and selling more than 30 million copies, John Maxwell still reminds the team here at the John Maxwell Company that leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.

If you’re reading this, it’s because we singled you out as someone we believe has two vital qualities:

  1. You allow John and our team to have a level of influence with you.
  2. You lead people and want to significantly increase your influence.

If neither of those things are true, you can hit the back button now.

Still here?


But How Do You Lead at the Next Level?

If you want to increase your influence, you must take your leadership to the next level. But what does that mean?

What’s the next level for you? And, more importantly, what’s your plan for getting there?

If you’re like most of us, the vision for the next level is a little fuzzy. And the plan?

Well, the plan is non-existent.

Many leaders are simply shooting from the hip, doing whatever feels right in the moment. They invest hours into ideas, hoping that something crystallizes and makes the effort worthwhile.

Sadly, as John loves to say, hope is not a strategy.

At the John Maxwell Company, we know better than anyone else what it feels like to show up every day with 101 things demanding attention, not to mention the unexpected crisis that suddenly requires everyone to drop everything RIGHT NOW.

We know the truth that most leaders face: as much as you want to lead well and invest in yourself, you’ve got other, more urgent challenges to deal with.

But that’s the thing—there’s no greater challenge than the daily reality that your leadership is either growing or it’s dying. Your influence is constantly in the balance, with you making deposits or withdrawals with your team and with your customers.

And you may not even realize it.

So how do you get to the next level of your leadership when you don’t know what the next level is, you don’t have a plan for getting there, and you don’t have time to bother with it anyway because you have bigger fish to fry?

You Start with What Matters

Ever see one of those inspirational speakers who has a glass jar and some bowls of rocks, pebbles, and sand?

If so, you know the drill.

The speaker puts the sand in first, then the pebbles, and then—lo and behold—there’s not enough room for the rocks. The speaker then empties the jar and fills it in reverse order: first the rocks, then the pebbles, then the sand.

And, like a modern-day miracle, everything fits!

The point is always the same: put the big things in first. If you give too much space to the little things, you’ll end up costing yourself something that matters.

Leadership is the same way. Your strategic leadership plan must focus on the truly important things you need to do to lead well.


Core Leadership Processes

We call these the Core Leadership Processes, and they are the things you do day in and day out to influence your team. They help you build relationships, create momentum, and knock down objective after objective.

In short, these are the things you need to do to kill it as a leader and as a team.

These are the big rocks.

Introducing Leader Core by John C. Maxwell

That’s why we’ve created Leader Core by John C. Maxwell. Simply put, it’s an operating system for your business, built on the training, principles, and systems of the world’s #1 leadership expert.

Leader Core is a community unlike any other—it’s specifically designed to help leaders like you by delivering fresh and relevant content directly to you.

The Best Principles. The Best Practices.

With the Best People.

There’s a reason John Maxwell was voted the authority on leadership by Inc. Magazine and the American Management Association.

His teaching works.

And with Leader Core, you’ll get access to John’s best teaching in real time. 

If that’s not enough, then consider this question:

How much better could you be with a super-sharp community of like-minded leaders in your corner, looking out for your growth and cheering you on at every turn?

With Leader Core, you get to stay in constant contact with our team and your fellow Core members, and here’s the best part—you only get what’s important, stuff that creates influence.

Here’s What Leader Core Members Get

Core Leadership Processes to Your Inbox—every month you’ll receive the blueprints and process maps for a completely customizable leadership plan you can implement with your team. It’s leadership-in-a-box, delivered right to your inbox.

Live Video Conferences— Each week spend time with a certified John Maxwell corporate trainer talking about your strategy, your team, your business, and your next steps. It’s a turbo-charged session to accelerate your growth weekly.

30% Discount on All John Maxwell Store Purchases—you’ll receive a unique Leader Core code that is good for 30% off of all purchases made through the Store on JohnMaxwell.com.

Members-Only Private Group—connect with fellow members all over the world and share what’s working best for you while learning what’s working best for them! Enjoy participating in real-time success stories, learning moments, and peer-to-peer coaching just by sharing what you know with the group.

Monthly Live Q&A with John Maxwell—once a month, you’ll have the opportunity to join John for his Maximum Impact Mentoring phone call, where he shares his freshest teaching and hosts a live Q&A session with members.

Access to John’s Developing the Leader Within You Digital Course—you get immediate access to one of John’s premier digital courses, Developing the Leader Within You, which includes 10 teaching videos as well as 10 application videos, plus PDF notes.

Here’s How to Get Started - Charter Member Pricing

Membership in Leader Core is $399 per month.

However, those who are intentional about their growth will receive $200 off that price. You’ll get the full privileges of membership at a fraction of the cost.

All of these benefits for only $199 a month? 

And.....you'll get the first month and access to ALL THE BONUSES for just $99.

We should put a sign-up button right here!


Leader Core isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s only for the right ones. This isn’t a program for beginners or startups. We’re looking for leaders of established teams or businesses that need the right fuel to make the jump to their next level.

 Who Qualifies for Leader Core?

You must affirm the following conditions are true of you:

  • You have a team of three or more people (including yourself)
  • You are willing to participate in the Members Only Private Group and add value with helpful comments and observations on what you learn
  • You are willing to dedicate 6-8 hours per month investing in yourself and your team



Then Just $199 / Month - Cancel Anytime - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Core Leadership Processes to Your Inbox

Weekly Live Video Conferences

30% Discount on All John Maxwell Store Purchases

Members-Only Private Group

Monthly Live Q&A with John Maxwell

Access to John’s Developing the Leader Within You Digital Course

Access to John's Every Day with Purpose

Access to John's Top 10 Leadership Lessons

Join Leader Core Today!

Still have questions?  View our Frequently Asked Questions page here.


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