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Leader Core is an operating system for your leadership, built on the training, principles, and systems of the world’s #1 leadership expert. It’s specifically designed to help leaders by delivering fresh and relevant content directly to you. This is a subscription-based program that helps you create a plan for your leadership.

This program is for leaders, with a team of people, who want to go to the next level. A person’s leadership is either growing or it’s dying, and leaders everywhere are making deposits or withdrawals with their team and customers.

Leader Core gives leaders a plan for how they will continually add value to their team.

Core Leadership Processes to Your Inbox—every month you’ll receive the blueprints and process maps for a leadership plan you can implement with your team. It’s leadership-in-a-box, delivered right to your inbox.

Live Weekly Video Conferences— Each week spend time with a certified John Maxwell corporate trainer talking about your strategy, your team, your business, and your next steps. It’s a turbo-charged session to accelerate your growth weekly. The content of these calls can be based off the Monthly Core Process but can also completely end up being a Q&A session.

Members-Only Private Facebook Group—connect with fellow members all over the world and share what’s working best for you while learning what’s working best for them! Enjoy participating in real-time success stories, learning moments, and peer-to-peer coaching just by sharing what you know with the group.

30% Discount on All John Maxwell Store Purchases—you’ll receive a unique Leader Core code that is good for 30% off of all purchases made through the Store on

Monthly Live Q&A with John Maxwell—once a month, you’ll have the opportunity to join John for his Maximum Impact Mentoring phone call, where he shares his freshest teaching and hosts a live Q&A session with members. Access Maximum Impact Mentoring is automatically received upon purchase.

Access to John’s Developing the Leader Within You Digital Course—you get immediate access to one of John’s premier digital courses, Developing the Leader Within You, which includes 10 teaching videos as well as 10 application videos, plus PDF notes.

The more you put into the program, the more you put out. There are no “requirements” to stay in the program, but we do encourage attending the weekly live coaching calls and completing the Core Leadership Process every month.  We recommend spending 6-8 hours a month integrating the processes you learn into your daily leadership.

Leader Core is $199 every month. This is a subscription-based product, so the payments only stop when you cancel your membership. Automatic withdrawals will be made to your account on a monthly basis.

The Leader Core product – this is the hub product where we host important links and videos.

30 Day Growth Plan – this is the first Core Process we developed, and we encourage this as a starting place for new members.

Maximum Impact Mentoring – this is included in your subscription and has years of live calls with John Maxwell. You can also go here to get more information about the monthly live calls with John himself.

Access to the Facebook Group – this is the community aspect of the program where you can have discussions with other members about leadership. It will also be used for communication about the program and occasional live videos. When you join the program, you will be given a link where you can request access to join the Facebook Group.

Developing the Leader Within You – a premier digital products of John’s. This has 10 teaching videos, 10 application videos, and pdf notes.

Every Day with Purpose (Charter Member bonus) – Every Day with Purpose is a 5-part online course designed to give you the tools you need to experience the most fulfilling life possible.

John Maxwell’s Top 10 Leadership Lessons (Charter Member bonus) – 10 audio lessons that are highly regarded as John C. Maxwell's most influential and valuable lessons for leadership and personal growth.

You can cancel your Leader Core membership at any time. Just email the Leader Core concierge or [email protected] to cancel your subscription.

If you cancel your membership you will lose access to the Leader Core product, Maximum Impact Mentoring, and the Facebook Group. You will still have access to any bonus products and Core Processes you received at the time of purchase or as a member.

There is no way to pause your membership and return later. You will need to cancel your membership and then re-enroll into the program.

We want to honor your decision to take a step toward becoming a better leader. If you join the program and decide it is not right for you, you will receive a full refund. You will also be able to keep any bonus products you received at the time of your purchase.

Email [email protected] for more help. We're here to serve!


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