You have a drive for something bigger and better in your life, but how do you gain the edge you need to get the results you want?

How do you leverage your natural risk-taker, status quo shredder, trail-blazer instincts that keep you on a constant search for something more, something better in your life and work? You need an edge. You need something to get you there, you need a formula that works.

That’s why John C. Maxwell is sharing what few know, leaders rely on, and influencers survive on. He’s sharing his little-known, three-step formula that gives the strongest influencers consistent success.

Every year John dedicates one day to share this FREE teaching that he is passionate about. For one day only on August 1, he’ll teach you his proven formula for continually seeing growth in your life and gaining better results as you go. Seats are limited though and once they’re full, you will have missed your chance until next year. This annual event fills up FAST, so don’t wait and miss getting your seat.

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“Bobby Kennedy once said, ‘Some people see things as they are and ask why. Other people see things as they could be and ask why not.’ That’s the Curiosity Edge.”

—John C. Maxwell,
Leadership and Personal Growth Expert


55 minutes of exclusive teaching
from John C. Maxwell.

A simple, three-step formula for unlocking the keys to generating consistent and maximized results in your life and work.

Immediate takeaways for instant
action and long-term growth.


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