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New Worlds Require New Words

You see it everywhere you go. You feel it deep inside your gut—the Generational Gap. That’s what the experts call it. Bottom line, the people around you grew up in different worlds. As a result, they often use different words when communicating. By learning the language of generational diversity, you’ll lead with more clarity, confidence, and competence. Take the GQ assessment and maximize this new competitive advantage, starting today.


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This assessment is a fun, enlightening experience that requires about 10-15 minutes of your time. After completing the GQ Assessment©, you’ll discover your Generational Fluency Score©. You’ll also receive a GQ© Customized Action Plan© to help you lead with even greater success.

Gain Clarity

Assumptions are common and can contribute to workplace tension, but true understanding is unheard of and can change your culture. 

Build Confidence

Establishing trust amongst your coworkers leads to more confident employees. Each generation builds trust a little differently - do you know the gaps?

Competitive Advantage

Increase your company's competitive advantage by increasing your generational fluency. Making performance, values, and harmony a company unique.

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You will read each of the statements. Match the respective generation most often associated with each statement. Go with your gut, your first inclination. Of course, there are anomalies with different members of each generation. However, based on solid research from many sources, there are also commonalities representing the majority of each generation.

Use the Generational Key listed below to help you answer each question.

Baby Boomer      


Gen X




Gen Z


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